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Auto Chess is one of those great games that we see way too challenging to get into because it has been around for a while now. The game debuted back in 2013 as part of the Dota universe, and it has grown a lot since then with a rather extensive offering of gameplay, characters, and items. If you came here to know how to get auto chess mobile donuts and coins then continue reading on!

Not so long ago Drodo, the company owner of the IP parted ways with Dota, and a lot has changed in the game while some other stuff remains essentially the same. We want you to play this game too, not only to overcome your fears over such a popular game but because it’s fun too.

We decided to put together this long guide, which is essentially an extensive compilation of every useful tip you can find on the Internet as well as some backstory on the game. We will also share some tips about ways to get earn Auto Chess Mobile Free Donuts, the new in-game currency and to get some Auto Chess Mobile Gift Cards for extra credits as well.

The Backstory on Auto Chess Mobile

Most of the information related to Auto Chess is related to the people working at Drodo Studio. They developed the first edition of the game for Dota II. They had been looking to create a mobile version of the game for some time now, and they found the right partner to make it happen with the people working at Dragonest Studios in China.

The good news was that the port could be done in very little time. The bad news was that Auto Chess Mobile would go on being his own thing, separated from the Dota Universe (but still supported by it.) While a lot of players perceived this as a loss, the company embraced it as a new beginning for their old IP, with fresh faces, new characters, and a whole new audience to attract.

The current version of Auto Chess Mobile does not feature any of the heroes you could use in Dota. There are no themes related to the game either. You could almost say that the most significant changes were cosmetic at best, since the game retains all the mechanics that have made it so popular with their established fan base.

On the other hand, Drodo Studio has signed on to form a brand new partnership with ImbaTV, the people responsible of managing all the competition events for Dota, to launch the game by setting a tournament circuit to make the revamped version of Mobile Chess as competitive as the previous one.

How to get the Auto Chess Mobile App for both Android and iOS

Drodo Studio is hard at work to get Auto Chess Mobile ready, but they still have a lot to handle to make the gaming experience the best for people used to the Dota version of the game. You can only get the beta version of the game right now to make a test run with some of the features of past revisions. We’ll make sure to review some of them for this Auto Chess Mobile guide.

If you have a keen eye, you have probably noticed that Drodo Studios is based on China. Given the current state of the trade wars between the USA and the Asian nation, it makes sense to wonder if the game will be available to all markets. The main website of the game offers multilanguage options, and the beta is currently available for Android only on the Google Play store, so there seem to be no problems there.

No website has reported if they need an Auto Chess mobile hack to play the game, and the reward program offered on the main page seems to be working fine as well. There are also a few partnership programs in place to earn Auto Chess Mobile Gift Cards to be used to get more in-game currency and an option to link the game to your Steam account.

We’ll talk about that later on.

What are the differences between this and the original Dota Mod?

Before we start our first dive on the game is worth noticing while Auto Mobile Chess is a brand new game published by Drodo Studios, they still work support the Dota 2 framework with subtle differences in the app to make it more unique.

The first we noted on the app was the lack of balance on a few features that were available on the Dota-2 version, one of them being the lack of presence of Gods. This instantly takes away some of the popular strategies used by old-timers on past versions of the game.

With that out of the way, there is probably a lot more that can get a little polish work, but since this is a beta and Dragonest is considering all the feedback of gamers is very likely that most of these problems will be sorted out before officially launching the app.

The two key differences we noticed in the new version of the game compared to the last update release by Dota are the controls, which of course are brand new given the fact that we are dealing with a mobile app. The other difference is the cast of characters at your disposal, the heroes.

At first sight, you will get the impression of playing a Dota Auto Chess game as usual only with a whole new set of skins for the characters. But the gameplay will reveal just how different it is from his previous iteration. If you know how to handle the Dota version, this one will prove familiar, but not the same at all.

How to Play Auto Chess Mobile

Let’s get started for a few basics that made the transition from the Dota version of the game to this new port. There is no Auto chess mobile hack here. We’ll speak plainly on how to play the game and well it does against past versions of it.

Every unit used in Auto Chess Mobile retains the passive and active capabilities that it had on the Dota version. Any active skill will run you 100 mana, but they have a preset cooling down period. You still need to consider cooldown times, because they decide how many times our character is able to use a spell.

Getting mana power is not an issue since our heroes can replenish it doing some damage to their enemies and taking it as well. Some powerful abilities capable of considerable damage regenerate the full cost of mana instantly. As always is smart to know which enemy you are facing to engage appropriately and avoid spending too much on paid renewals.

These are some of the most important priorities you can look to cover in the game early on to build your character strong: focus on earnings such as the percentage of investments and your streak of wins and losses. Make sure you increase your hero level. Check your class synergies, combine objects to see how they work, try to handle the best pawns you can, and make sure to learn how to counter your enemies.

Something you need to consider before playing: a lot of items found in this port of the game merge very similarly to the way they did on Dota 2. In Auto Mobile Chess they don’t require a formula to merge. You only need to equip both of them in the same hero and you are done. You can also still find the list of formulas in the game client screen by searching the tab “Science” and look for “Items” on it.

Controls for the Game

From the minute you start to play on the app you will notice how intuitive the controls are since they use a lot of drag and drop to move things around, the app AI does a great job of taking your hand and guiding you what you have to do. It’s almost pointless to tell you everything, but we will discuss the pros and cons of the controls briefly as they are set right now. 


  • As we already mentioned, the ability to combine items instantly is a big plus. You don’t have to place components on the hero. When you click on items, the game will take notice that you have collected the elements to make an upgrade with a single click.
  • The new and improved upgrading system is handy since you don’t have to wait for a full round to make upgrades, this will make the game more dynamic and it could be a dealbreaker in the future as the full version of the app gets released.
  • The last feature that is very useful is the new option to upgrade heroes that works by placing an “upgrade” sing over the hero who needs it the most. You can still choose to upgrade another character if you prefer it. 


  • We are not to complain about meager stuff, but we need to point out that the upgrade button has an issue with the Auto-Combine feature. In the Desktop version of the game, you can get a third unit even if you don’t have a slot on the bench. The hero will still upgrade as you play, that is not possible on the app right now.
  • All heroes will be upgraded if they are on the bench, but if you want to improve a character outside of the marks offered by the game, you will have to field for the option making it a lot harder scroll the shop and make the desired modifications a round.
  • Last but not least we can say that the drag and drop controls are very easy to handle, but they feel a lot slower than their desktop counterparts, especially when you remember that you can place two units in the bench and sell them with a single click on the mouse.
  • You will have to visit the shop multiple times as you take units from the bench into the field to get a better chance at upgrading your units. At this moment, this is very difficult to do, and you also need to double click on each unit to sell it. This makes things pretty tricky before any rounds.

Dota vs Mobile Counter Parts

One of the biggest concerns for longtime fans is the new look that many characters will have. This Auto chess mobile guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t give you a full rundown on how things are on the new game compared to the Dota port, so let’s get started with the main characters and follow with a brief description of the rest.

Heroes – Old vs. New

The new art style eventually grows on you. All the characters look very compelling and charismatic. The only downside is that the selection screen could use some improvement. Getting the hero you want can be quite a challenge since the character select screen is hard to understand at times. This could be troublesome in the long run with the benching system as well.

So far, the common ground on most reviews is that it’s easier to recognize the races of the characters available since they follow a visual theme and it’s easier to remember them that way. Individual units are easier to recognize because you get a first look at their cost and class as you scroll past them.

Goblins – Old vs. New

Goblins in Auto Chess Mobile will keep their race and name since they are keeping most of their traits, and it makes it easier to recognize them visually. As for the name of each character, those were the only features changed on them. Their new rebranding goes as it follows:

  • Bounty Hunter is now Soul Breaker
  • Clock is now Sky Breaker
  • Tinker is now Heaven Bomber
  • Timbersaw is named Ripper now
  • Alchemist is named Venomancer
  • Techies is Devastator

So far the most complex unit on this group is the Venomancer (former Alchemists). In the old Dota port, there was a Venomancer character as well that is now called “Poisonous Worm.”

Elementals vs. Spirits – Old vs. New

Elementals are now called “Spirits” in the Auto Chess Mobile app. They are all easily recognizable except for “Enigma” a Dark Spirit, but since he is a legendary unit, there are not a lot of characters to mix it up if you are a newbie to the game. The new names for the other characters go like this:

  • Tiny is now Stone Spirit
  • Morph is Water Spirit
  • Razor is Thunder Spirit
  • Enigma is Legendary Dark Spirit

Naga vs. Marines – Old vs. New

The characters formerly known as Naga in Dota have become “Marines” in the new Auto Chess Mobile. The good news for fans of these guys is that the character that was used to be named Slark is still around, now called “Abyssalcrawler” This makes it possible for four Nagas to combine efforts using magic resistance synergy. As for the rest of the cast, their new names are:

  • Slardar is now The Abyssal Guard
  • Slark is now Abyssalcrawler
  • Medusa is named Siren      
  • Tide Hunter is The Tsunami Stalker

Undead vs. Egersis – Old vs. New

The Undead are now called Egersis. The word is used in Christian theology to address the resurrected. So far they are the most difficult characters to recognize in the character selection screen and one of the most powerful characters in the Dota lineup, The Death Prophet is not available yet on the beta version of the game. As for the rest, their new names are:

  • Drow is now The Egersis Ranger
  • Abaddon is named The Evil Knight now
  • Necrophos is the Soul Reaper
  • Lich is a Blight Sorcerer

Dwarves – Old vs. New

Dwarves are the second race of characters that retain their name and most of their features, making them quite easy to recognize. The names, however, have changed for the two options available:

  • Sniper is now The Dwarf Sniper
  • Gyrocopter is called Helicopter

Beasts – Old vs. New

The Beasts are the third race of characters to retain their name. The only changes made to characters seem to be on the color pallets. The units available have been renamed as:

  • Tusk is now a Tusk Champion
  • Enchantress is a Unicorn
  • Sand King is now The Lord of Sand
  • Venomancer is now The Poisonous Worm
  • Lycan is a Werewolf
  • Lone Druid is now named Razorclaw

You will notice that there are more beasts here than in the Dota edition. That is because of the framework used for Auto Chess Mobile in from an older version of the game that included characters such as the Sand King that were later removed for not being too popular within the game.

Humans – Old vs. New

Humans are the fourth race of characters to keep their name as well and minimal changes in their design. The hardest ones to be recognizable are Argali Knight (previously Omni Knight) and The Tortola Elder (former Keeper of the Light) not only because of their vastly different namesakes but also because both characters feature new mounts, a common trait on knights in the app. As for their original codenames, they go like this:

  • Crystal Maiden is called The Source
  • Lycan is now simply Werewolf
  • Omni Knight is now Argali Knight (An Asian name for a species of Ram found in China)
  • Lina is now Flamming (A distinctive way to spell “Flaming”)
  • Kunkka is named Priate (A new arrangement of the word “Pirate”)
  • The Keeper of the Light is now The Tortola Elder
  • Last but not least, Dragon Knight keeps the same name

Dragons – Old vs. New

Dragons are the fifth race of characters to keep the same name they had in Dota 2. The character that suffered the most changes here is Venom (formerly known as Viper) because he features all new, all different proportions and a brand new outlines than the Dota model. As for the rest of the characters:

  • Puck is The Shining Dragon
  • Viper is now Venom
  • The Dragon Knight keeps the same name here as well

Orcs Vs. The Cave Clan – Old vs. New

Given the fact that Orcs are one the easiest races to recognize on these types of games, you’d think they would keep their name here too, but it has been changed to The Cave Clan. They are pretty easy to recognize as well, mostly because of their red skin, and the weapons they wild that makes it easy to figure out which unit we are choosing. Their new names are:

  • Axe is now The Redaxe Chief
  • Jugger is The Swordsman
  • Beastmaster is The Skull Hunter
  • Disruptor is The Storm Shaman

Elves vs. Feathered – Old vs. New

The Elves were the race that the designing team chose to do a pretty good number in order to change them all. Their new name is “The Feathered.” They stand out because all the characters feature all-white skin with feathers as ornaments in some fashion. Most of their designs are also very unique in comparison to the other races. As for their new names, they are as follows:

  • Anti-Mage is now The Taboo Witcher
  • Luna is now The Lightblade Knight
  • Treant is The Warpwood Sage
  • Furion is The Wisper Seer
  • Windranger Is now Wind Ranger
  • Phantom Assassin is now Shadowcrawler
  • Templar Assassin is now The Shining Assassin

Trolls vs. Glacier – Old vs. New

Trolls are the other type of character who bears a name that is pretty common and easy to identify for a lot of people, but they also received a rebranding as well. They are now named “The Glacier Clan,” and they have been redesigned to follow a winter theme with blue and purple skin to make them stand out over other races and differentiate them from their previous design. Their new names are:

  • Batrider is now The Frost Knight
  • Shadow Shaman is called Defector
  • Witch Doctor is now Desperate Doctor
  • Troll Warlord is called Berserker
  • Dazzle has not been ported to the game yet

Demons – Old vs. New

Demons are the sixth race to retain their name and features that make them easy to recognize. All their names have been changed as well:

  • Chaos Knight is now Hell Knight
  • Queen of Pain is now Phantom Queen
  • Shadow Fiend is now Shadow Devil
  • Terrorblade is The Fallen Witcher
  • Doom is The Doom Arbiter

Ogre vs. Kira – Old vs. New

Ogres have been rebranded as Kira. In the latest versions of Dota 2, Venomacer is considered an Ogre, but he is not available as a choice for this race in the mobile app. Other than that changes here are minimal with the only option available changing from Ogre Magi to “Ogre Mage.”

Getting Credits, Gold, Candy, and Doughnuts on Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess Mobile is a game full of diverse currencies that are used for different purposes. Since launching their new website with the new revamped beta of the game, there is a new reward program in place for people who keep playing the beta edition every day.

Let’s take a quick look at everything that is at our disposal so we can earn some Auto Chess Mobile Free Donuts, Credits or Gold and learn what to do with them as we play the game:

How to get Auto Chess Mobile Candy

Gold is the main currency on Auto Chess mobile. It will help you buy the units you need to play the game with advantage and to defend your board better. You can also use it to increase the number of units you can have in the field at any moment. These are the ways to get gold in the game:

The most crucial element of DOTA Auto Chess’ gameplay is proper cash management. We can earn gold by doing this:

  • Every round we play, we will be awarded with five pieces of gold at the beginning, and we get one more if we win it.
  • If we keep a winning streak, we get awarded with new gold, but no more than three units for each victory, if you alternate loses and victories you will end up losing money. 
  • When you reach sixty gold coins, you will receive one gold piece from every ten you have saved. By keeping the winning streak, you can earn five gold pieces after each round.
  • Each time you fight a non-NPC opponent and win you will receive a piece of gold

How to Get Auto Chess Mobile Donuts

Candy is the currency used in Auto Chess Mobile to buy cosmetic items to customize your characters as you like. Doughnuts are a feature that was included in the game not so long ago, and it seems to be a derivative of Candy but with a higher value. These cosmetic items are obtained using the couriers of the game. A courier is essentially a mule on the page represented by your player’s avatar that will let you to issue commands on the board.

The most common ways to get Candy and Doughnuts in the game are:

  • It seems that one of the methods is to score in-game rewards. They can be achieved by earning a high ranking in individual matches. According to players in Reedit, players can get up to ten candies a day after a versus match or through gameplay efforts.
  • The other is by purchasing them since these are the in-game currencies sold by Dragonest Studios to keep the game running. Until not so long ago you could get them on an eBay store that has been closed down. Now you can get them directly from the website of the game.
  • The reward programs that are available on the main site of Auto Chess Mobile that are offered by using your Steam account linked to your Dragonest account. Long time players will get several candies in accordance with the number of CDK they have activated up to the date of release, as well as the number of times they login to the game
  • By hooking up with one of the many websites offering Auto Chess Mobile Gift Cards to get started with the game

How to get Auto Chess Mobile Gift Cards?

The full version of the game was supposed to drop down by February 13th of this year, but the date came and went, and the company is still ironing out details out of the beta edition. At the month there is no official announcement of the full release, but the studios are very active in their social networks, and they recently introduced Doughnuts as part of the currencies of the game.

If you want to get notified of the actual release of the game as well as their latest updates you can sing up to their official website. The air is not clear yet if the announcements will only be aimed at the Asian market or to their worldwide servers.  Drodo Studio has kept the marketing of the game global at all moments so is very likely we will get to play it here too.

Auto Chess Mobile Hack – Are there any?

So far the mechanics of the game seem to be pretty simple a straightforward. Players will have a great lineup of characters that will be using a lot of gameplay elements of past releases of Dota’s port of the game. This is pretty good actually since old school players will feel pretty welcome to use the new version of the game.  

Since the beta version of Auto Chess mobile is still unfinished is hard to make a call on this game. It certainly is really entertaining even if the UI badly needs a serious cleanup. The studio seems to be aware of the issues, and that’s why there have been delays on the release date.

Candy so far is set to become the premium in-game currency even if the plan so far is to use it for cosmetic items. It stills remains to be seen if players will be able to get Candy and Doughnuts through microtransactions, or if there will chance to earn them through direct gameplay.